Fight the Drones or GTFO?

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What is my position on drones bombing innocents in the middle east and soon to be filling the skies above America?

Well, let’s see, right now my position is seated.  I already took my stand and got the fuck out.

Right now, I’m too busy eating my delicious America breakfast in a beautiful little cafe in SouthEast Asia.  I’ve got excellent wifi, an amazing American breakfast including far better bacon that one can usually find in the US (but is common in Australia), and when I see a video like this one sometimes I start to get angry about the escalation of surveillance and control by the Empire… then I look out the window and remember… oh yeah, I’m free.

Many Americans think the moral and heroic thing to do is stay and fight, and if you’ve got deep roots and family there, that position makes a lot of sense.  However, in my opinion the fall of the empire is coming regardless of my actions, and I think it’s far more productive to get free and create lifestyles, relationships and communities, which reflect my values so that  I can make it easier for like-minded people to do the same.

To me, America is an idea, and contrary to the belief of many inside American CULTure (America is the freest nation on Earth), there are many places around the world which are economically, politically, socially and culturally FREER than the USA.  It can be tough to believe until one experiences it first-hand.

I recommend creating your own Ronin Adventure!  Get free and come discover yourself and the world outside of your culture.  And that means going deep in new cultures, not being a tourist.  Go Ronin, Get Free!

Soon I intend to offer programs to help men achieve new levels of freedom, and join me on deep adventure!  I also intend to share information to help people DIY.