What Make’s It A “Ronin” Adventure?

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March 8, 2013

That’s me a few years ago, walking to my “office” in a tiny village by a tranquil bay in Brazil.

So, what makes and adventure, a “Ronin” adventure?

In short, a “ronin,” is a man who has deeply questioned and walked away from the paths of honor prescribed for him, whether that be his religion, culture, family, military or other group, because his honor required him to take a stand and walk free.  Naturally such a man may find himself in a deep inquiry as to:

  • Who am I, once I remove the identifications of my previous culture?  How else can I know myself?
  • What now is my path, my purpose, my code of honor?
  • Now that I am without a “master,” what does “authority” and “brotherhood,” and “loyalty” mean to me?
  • What other beliefs, traditions and cultural conditioning are limiting me from being a fully free man?
  • Are there other cultures, where I’ll feel more free and less manipulated by the culture, government or economic environment?
  • Are there more honoring models for doing family, relationship, business, money, self-expression and brotherhood other than the ones I know?
  • Having experienced myself break free from bonds and codes of honor that do not honor me and my values as a man, what is the extent of my courage, inner strength, courage and self-authority?  And how can I challenge myself to grow even more powerful and free as a man?
  • What are women like in other cultures?  How do they move, speak and connect?  How do they treat men?
  • How can much adventure can one man have in one lifetime?
  • How can I gain wisdom to help free my brothers back home, and to pass on to my future sons and grandsons?
  • What kind of legacy do I want to LIVE and leave?  The world is my home, the options are endless, where to NOW?

A “Ronin Adventure” is an adventure a man undertakes which furthers his quest to know himself and the world, to grow as a man, and to be fully alive testing himself and following his dreams and desires.

This has been my primary way of learning over the years.  Learning from direct experience by taking on big challenges seems to be quite a natural way of learning for men.  So many young men today explore the world from behind a computer screen or guided by their smart phone, rather than in direct, immediate, intimate experience in the ever-changing moment.

Technology makes a life of great and challenging adventures even more accessible to everyone, but it can also impose artificial barriers to direct experience unaided by gadgets and gizmos.  I’m writing this from my laptop in a Western-style cafe in Northern Thailand, while sipping on a cappuccino, but I choose to limit my reliance on technology as much as possible.

I almost always choose to use no watch, no alarm clock, no phone, and I prefer not to use money to get my out of challenging situations in foreign countries.  All of this puts me in direct and vulnerable contact with the locals.  Smart phones and other technologies make real face to face contact with others almost unnecessary, even while traveling.  I prefer to keep it immediate, high intensity and real.  The more I do, the more raw the adventure!

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