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March 3, 2013

My challenges for this adventure:

1 – Finish at least one book and publish with Kindle,

2 – Establish a system that works for me to BE an Author, a highly productive author, who finishes book after book with ease.

  • Achieving this will be a very big deal for me as over the years I’ve written a few ebooks, and created several online courses and programs (in addition to numerous live events, coaching programs, etc.), but I’ve got about six books for print I never finished–books which could be game changers for me and my work.   It’s time I master this, and develop a system to lock what I master into place.

3 – Reclaim my ‘Wealth Warrior System’ – like a time management system, but hyper-flexible to my desires, requiring no-discipline and is great for amplifying focus, consistency and drive.

  • I’ve not used this system for several years, and the last three years have been a lazy sabbatical.  I realize this system is useful now as I’m getting productive again, but I want to adapt it to my free lifestyle.  I’ve already got a partner, who I’m teaching this system to as I re-establish it for myself, but I’ll need internet at certain times.

4 – Get to know how I can THRIVE in Thailand for months or years, if I choose.

  • I’m here in Chiang Rai in the far North of Thailand, and I’m giving myself a solid month to write.  It’s easy to get a simple furnished room with balcony and internet for $60 per month–that’s $2/night.  I’m currently staying in a little hotel for $8/night, where they service the room, no month-long commitment and free wifi outside and in the hallway.  For the same price, I can switch to the $2/night place plus get a 1-hour high-quality Thai massage EVERY DAY!  This is

5 – Learn to speak basic Thai without working at it.

  • The Thai language looks and sounds difficult (for example, there are something like 70 different characters as opposed to English’s 26), but applying principles I’ve learned about acquiring the ability to speak a language with ease and a whole lot of fun (without hardly any studying) will in play here.  I won’t share all of that right here, as it could fill a book, but my plan is primarily to learn by speaking Thai to the Thai women as they massage me for 1-2 hours every day.  Nothing but laughs and fun.

6 – Learn more about business here.

  • I’m invested in a new kind of zipline project in Pattaya and HongKong, and have become friends with the man who turned me onto the opportunity.  He’s been traveling the world since he was about 13, and knows Asia very well.  He’s definitely Ronin, and lives quite an interesting invented life.  He’s helped me get acquainted a bit here, and I intend to learn more from him just by spending some time with him.

7 – Learn a lot about Thai culture, Thai women and Thai families.

  • This culture intrigues me.  I’ve heard many stereotypes about Thais, the women and such, but I’m not interested in stereotypes.   I want to learn from direct experience without biases.  I’ve been here about 7 weeks now, have learned a bit, and desire to continue.  I kind of feel as if I’m doing recon for my Western brothers who may be looking for a non-Western wife or girlfriend.

So, when I leave here I’ll be a published author who can speak basic Thai, have a great feel for the culture and know how I could live and thrive here if I ever wanted to (and show other men how to do the same, have increasing mastery around finishing books whilst traveling the world, and have a more refined system for finishing books, and have an understanding of Thai culture that I can share with other men.

This is how I learn best, by setting up adventures and challenges for myself that excite me to no end–where I really can’t lose no matter what happens.  My life is an adventure, and I’d like to show more men how they can live free, while gaining mastery, strength, honor, real world experience, entrepreneurial skills, cash flow, etc., etc.

I see a day when I will invite men on such adventures with me.  In fact, if you’d like to come join me in the same town, I’ll show you the ropes a bit just for fun while I am here.

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