Introducing Ronin Adventures

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Ronin Adventures encourages and supports newly freed men (ronin) to take on challenging exploits to discover themselves and the world anew, to discover new paths to honor, new sources of wisdom and guidance, new passion and purpose, and perhaps new allegiances.

In feudal Japan, a ronin was a samurai who lost his master, broke the Bushido code by not committing seppakula (ritual suicide), and found himself wandering the land without master, without clear purpose, without a clear code of honor–and often in shame.  Ronin literally means “wave man” or “cast upon the waves.”  Here we use “ronin” to refer to any man in today’s world who was on a path of honor, purpose and mastery, until he suddenly finds himself without that master, without that same purpose and questioning his code of honor.  Such a man is “between worlds” and distrusting of the authorities and paths being offered to him, preferring to discover and trust his own inner guidance, while discovering the world, his purpose and his code of honor for himself.

A Ronin is not a rebel or revolutionary fighting the man or the system, as such men are still fighting for their freedom.  A ronin a man of honor who has no master.  And a Ronin is not a renegade, in that he has not switched his allegiance to a new tribe, cause or master (except perhaps his allegiance lies with himself, rediscovering what honor is to him, and how he will guide himself as a man).  A Ronin is in a sense between worlds, and he finds a new allegiance difficult, because he can so easily see the violation and duplicity of all sides, all who claim “Authority,” and all who ask for allegiance.

Examples of Ronin include:

(to be continued)